Fires are devestatingly tragic.   Take the stress out of your restoration project by choosing APC. 

 After choosing a Restoration Professional, the process should immediately begin inorder to preserve and protect your property and contents from further damage. 

Remember you are not obligated to hire the Restoration Company called in by your insurance.  You may select your own restoration contractor.  However, be aware that many insurance policies require clean up to begin promptly.  Most Restoration Companies will drop everything they are doing and head to your home for an initial meeting and inspection.  Listen to your gut.  If you are not comfortable with him/her or you lack confidence in their knowledge.  Go ahead and call another contractor-they will be there quickly to meet your needs. 

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Although time is of the essence when restoring many aspects of a fire loss, one important factor that is often overlooked by those involved in your insurance claim is the personality match of you and your restoration contractor.  Take time to settle your emotions and gather your thoughts.  Recognize what is important to you during this tragic time and more importantly throughout the recovery process.  Part of you will definitely want to just dig in and get the process started.  Realize that the road ahead will be emotional and full of decisions and possibly last over a month from begining to end.  We at APC are proud to say that the "smaller" size of our company is what makes us a better choice for your restoration project.  When you meet us for an initial evaluation of your property, you will get a feel for who we are and how we operate.  You will see that we are as knowledgeable and sometimes even more qualified than larger companies.  We are very sensative to your emotions and needs.  We understand what you are going through.  Our parents and an Aunt have both experienced extreme fire losses.  We understand that the emotional stress of your loss is often comparable to the loss of someone close.  When you choose to use us, you WILL see us again.  Our sincere compassion for you and your project will be evident throughout our entire restoration process.  We wont send temp workers or other "unknown" individuals into your home.  Our managers and owners will be with you every step of the way.  We will be there when you need us most and when you need us to give you some time or "space."  Our 20 plus years of exerience at APC Restoration allows us to understand your needs.  In addition to our great compassion we are also highly educated and certified.  All owners and managers have received industry certifications are are trained on a continual basis.  We can even boast that we have a CR (certified Restorer) on staff.  There are less than 600 in the entire world! 

Our Experience and Education make every job enjoyable, efficient and accomplished!