Smoke Damage- 

Having your home and personal belongings damaged by smoke can be one of the most devastating experiences a person will ever go through. 

Wait-although once again quick response can be a great help, acting too quickly without taking appropriate measures can jeopordize the success of restoration outcomes.  Resisting the urge to begin salvaging and rescuing your personal belonings is almost impossible.   Therefore, before you enter......


Hire a restoration contractor to secure your property, board up your windows and prevent further damages from the elements.  If you've experienced water damage from the extinguishing of a fire you also need to take quick action to begin the drying process.

Take many pictures of your home/business and damaged items.   

If you've lost electrical power take action to prevent pipes from freezing and empty refrigerators and freezers. You may even need a plumber to come in and blow out your water lines to winterize your home.

Wear cotton gloves to prevent the contact of your natural oils with your soot damaged belongings-this will help eliminate more permanent damages from occuring.